Not slowing down at all, Google spent $2.65B on data centers in Q2

Google’s quarterly infrastructure spending has been skyrocketing for several quarters now, and the past three months were no exception. Google spent nearly $2.65 billion on data centers during the second quarter — more than $1 billion over last year’s second quarter and more than triple what it spent two years ago.
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Google is now knee-deep in numerous infrastructure-intensive fields, but I suspect its major push into cloud computing is a big contributor to the record spending. As Google Fellow and Senior Vice President of Technical Infrastructure Urs Hölzle explained at our Structure conference last month, the company expects its cloud platform to be a major line of business going forward and it’s spending more money than anybody else to ensure its infrastructure is up to the task.
Update: This article was corrected at 5 p.m. PST to correct amount Google spent to 2.65B, not 2.67B.