Twitter buys CardSpring to start selling goods within its tweets

If you were looking for another way to cement Twitter(s twtr) into your daily life, the company just provided one: shopping. Twitter announced Thursday that it was buying CardSpring, a startup that has built an e-commerce platform that lets people sign up for deals or even purchase items directly from a tweet or other forms of social media.
Twitter has already been dabbling in the mobile payments and e-commerce space, working with American Express(s axp), Amazon(s amzn) and Starbucks(s sbux) to push offers, fill your online shopping cart and even buy friends coffee drinks all within tweets.
Buying CardSpring though would allow it to scale down to the local business level. Merchants could offer promotions or discounts in their Twitter feeds, which customers could register for using their Twitter credentials and later take advantage of in an online or brick-and-mortar store.
Twitter didn’t disclose any details on the purchase price.