Here’s a temporary tattoo that can unlock your Moto X

Most of the attention surrounding wearable technology focuses on smartwatches, but here’s a new wearable accessory that you stick on your wrist: A new temporary tattoo made by VivaLnk allows users to unlock their Moto X by tapping it on a shiny disk that Motorola is encouraging users to affix to their arms.

The digital tattoos, which are currently on sale in packs of 10 for $10, use NFC technology to tell a Moto X to skip the lockscreen. This isn’t the first time NFC has been used to streamline the Moto X unlocking process. Motorola sells an NFC-equipped bracelet that does the exact same thing.
Other e-tattoos — thin patches packed with electronics — have been used to track physical activity or deliver drugs. Google’s(s goog) Advanced Technology and Projects group, which is behind these NFC patches, patented an e-tattoo concept with an embedded microphone last year.
VivaLnk says its e-tattoos are equipped with adhesive that “lasts for five days” and are made to stay on through “showering, swimming, and vigorous activities,” like sports, or exploring new avenues of human-machine interaction.
One downside? There’s currently only one design, a shiny vortex-looking spiral, so you can’t use these patches to express your individuality. But a temporary tattoo that lets your body control machines is cooler than any skull or heart you can slap on your skin.