OpenNebula gets Azure and Softlayer integration with new plug-ins

The new beta version of the OpenNebula open-source cloud stack includes plug-ins for Microsoft(s msft)’s Azure and IBM(s ibm)’s SoftLayer. Before these integrations in OpenNebula “Lemon Slice” 4.8 were announced on Monday, OpenNebula’s only official hybrid cloud support related to Amazon(s amzn) Web Services.
The point of all this is to make it easier for cloud administrators to send virtual machines off to a public cloud when local OpenNebula infrastructure is too saturated to handle them.
The Azure tie-in was announced on Monday at OSCON, along with a partnership between Microsoft and that will let developers launch Packer-generated machine images on Windows Server.
OpenNebula-SoftLayer hybrid cloud support was promised back in May. The Azure arrangement has been on the cards for far longer, having first been promised in 2010 — some progress was made on that in the interim, but this is the first time a plug-in is ready for production environments.
“Several of our main users, mostly banking and government, demanded this cloud connector. So this partnership has been driven by our users request,” OpenNebula Project Director Ignacio Llorente told me by email.
This article was updated at 7am PT to include Llorente’s quote.