Werner Vogels, AWS #cloudfather, bets on the importance of log management

Amazon brought an important new message to leading cloud companies and devops teams at the AWS Summit. CTO Werner Vogels stated:
“In order to be successful in the cloud, IT organizations need to relentlessly measure how both systems and applications are performing. “The problem is that log collection and processing is painful.”
At Loggly, we couldn’t have said it better. It’s what we built our business to solve.
Amazon announced an extension to AWS CloudWatch that aggregates logs across AWS compute instances. This is great news for log management specialists because:

  • It makes it even easier for AWS customers to aggregate their logs for us
  • It raises awareness about the need for log management

Log management is the new black for net-centric businesses. But it creates a paradox, and it’s the first big data challenge companies face. Vogels notes,
“IT organizations suddenly gain access to thousands of servers running more applications than ever that also wind up generating more log files than most IT organizations can possibly cope with.”
Gaining real-time insight from log files is a really hard challenge — and Loggly’s core competency. Hundreds of AWS customers who came to our AWS Summit booth showed that they understand the strategic importance of log data and appreciate the depth of what Loggly offers.
Amazon has a really loud voice among cloud thought leaders. But you don’t have to take our word for it or the recent #vogelsism. Experience the benefits of simplifying log management yourself by starting a free trial of Loggly .
–Dave Ewart, Loggly