New web app aims to bring Synapsify’s text ranking to the masses

Synapsify, a startup that ranks the best information out there on a given subject so you don’t have to, just launched a web-based app that aims to make all that machine learning usable by mere mortals.
The Bethesda, Md.-based company — a Structure 2013 Launchpad finalist — has thus far worked with business customers that use its API to access all that goodness. The problem was most CMOs and marketing folks who need to parse consumer sentiment and so on don’t know an API from a hole in the wall. Synapsify Core gives non-techie users a tool to more easily access usable information.
“We got feedback that customers just wanted to work with us out of the box. So this is the start of productizing our technology for any organization that is trying to understand the voice of the customer,” said Synapsify Co-founder and CEO Steve Candelmo (pictured above at right with co-founder Laurence Au.)
His take is that, while there are lots of listening platforms to gather in Twitter(s twtr) feeds and other data sources, most users still end up exporting all that out to a .CSV file or Excel to make sense of it. That takes time and energy when much of that information is repetitive, noise, or irrelevant.
Synapsify’s secret sauce is its proprietary algorithms that sort through all those morsels and eliminate the non-relevant stuff so analysis can be done on a much smaller data set and still be accurate. The web app aims to expedite that process.
The company also just snagged $850,000 in additional funding from new investors Standup Capital and the Maryland Venture Fund to bring total funding to just under $1.5 million. Existing backers are Fortify Ventures, ICG Venture and Middleland Capital.
Other players in qualitative text analytics include Crimson Hexagon and Lexalytics, which just bought Semantria. For more on the topic of qualitative analytics or the related area of deep learning, check out Derrick Harris’s guide here.
And to see Synapsify in action, here’s the video of their Structure Launchpad pitch: