Report: Netflix has 4.5 million subscribers in the U.K., 3 million in Canada

Netflix (S NFLX) is making big inroads in the U.K., where it now has close to 4.5 million subscribers, according to an estimate from Digital TV Research. This makes the U.K. Netflix’s second biggest market behind the U.S., and number three is Canada with 3 million, according to the research company.
Netflix recently announced that it ended its second quarter with more than 50 million subscribers worldwide, 13.8 million of which are outside of the United States. The streaming service stopped breaking out numbers for individual international markets some time ago, and a spokesperson declined to comment on the report when contacted for this story.
This means that those Digital TV Research numbers are really just estimated guesses, but there are some reasons to believe that the overall ballpark is about right: The report indicates that Sweden is Netflix’s fourth-biggest market with 900,000 subscribers, and  Sweden’s consumers are likely more inclined to pay for online media subscription services because Spotify paved the way for this kind of business model. Netflix’s smallest markets continue to be in Latin America, where Netflix admitted in the past that billing has proven to be more challenging than elsewhere, but the whole region is now contributing close to 2.5 million subscribers, according to the report.