Square joins the internet of things, integrating its sales data with IFTTT

Square has joined If This Then That’s growing stable of companies linking their data to other applications and devices to the internet. IFTTT users now have the ability to build recipes using Square sales, refund and settlement data as triggers.
Square envisions a bunch of productivity uses cases with IFTTT. For instance, if an employee makes a big sale, IFTTT could automatically send a congratulatory email or SMS to the salesperson or note the sale in a Google doc. Or if a store issues a big refund, IFTTT could notify the owner, reminding him or her to follow up with the dissatisfied customer.
But it seems to me Square merchants could have a lot of fun with the service, too. For instance, they could link their sales data to smart devices installed in the store. Every 1000th sale could cause smart lighting to blink on off, indicating the lucky customer gets a free gift (I’m not yet aware of a connected confetti gun).
Or better yet, once you make a big sale, the smart lock on the liquor cabinet behind the register opens, allowing you to make a celebratory cocktail.