1Password’s planned third-party app login feature makes it the first convenient iPhone password manager

If you need to keep your accounts secure online, a good recommendation is to generate strong, long, and unique passwords for each login, and use a password manager to remember them. But on mobile devices, especially those running iOS(s appl), adopting those practices have been more trouble than it’s worth.
Using Agilebits’ 1Password, for instance, you were pretty much required to copy and paste a password when you wanted to log into an app. That’s going to be changing soon: 1Password will take advantage of new compatibility features in iOS 8 to offer easy logins for apps that build in support, Agilebits announced on Wednesday. Here’s how it could work:
[vimeo 102142106 w=500 h=1032]
Before you’re logging into your favorite services with three taps, first iOS 8 needs to be released to the public, and each individual app needs to include support for 1Password. That’s not a sure thing — there might not be a large enough install base for a $18 security app to convince developers to include a feature only a fraction of its users might want. Plus, 1Password is going to compete with Apple’s own iCloud Keychain this fall. But make no mistake, this feature is a huge step forward for password managers on the iPhone, and it’s a good reason to start using one.