Upcoming Gigaom event: hospitals, heart rates and intuitive experiences at Structure Connect

The 2000s will be known for the emergence of social and cellular connectivity, historically changing the way we interact, live and do business. Technological connectivity is again disrupting the way we live our lives, from monitoring our health to intuitive tech.
On Oct. 21 and 22, Structure Connect 2014 will look at the thought leaders and innovators shifting the way we think about the internet of things.
Meet Ashley Simmons, the director of Performance Improvement at Florida Hospital Celebration Health. Simmons is using real-time location systems (RTLS) to improve patient care while balancing patient flow efficiency, protecting patient data and minimizing error.
Listed as one of Fast Company’s top 10 innovative companies in the IoT, Withings is working to prevent hospital visits altogether with a savvy product line of health-monitoring wearable tech. Hear from its president, Philippe Schwartz, on the future of wearable tech.
You may have heard of Chris Harrison,  a professor at Carnegie Mellon and listed as one of Forbes’ 30 Scientists Under 30. Harrison saw an inherent flaw in the way we interact with our devices: The motions we make were never intuitive until we had those devices in hand. Harrison is now reinventing the touchscreen experience with novel sensing and interaction technologies by using the human body as an interactive platform.
Come hear these innovators and more at this year’s Structure Connect in San Francisco.
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