Yes, your pre-schooler can program too

It may be time to put those slackers — the preschoolers or first graders in your household — to work coding.
I’m only half kidding here. In a continuation of the “everyone should learn to code” meme, a collaboration by MIT, Tufts University and Playful Invention Co. (aka PICO) hopes to make it easy (and fun) for pre-schoolers to program their own stories and interactive games, collages, etc. according to MIT Tech News.
The result is a new, free ScratchJr iPad(s aapl) app that kids — it targets 5- to 7-year olds — can use to make their own fun. ScratchJr borrows from MIT Media Lab’s Scratch programming language which was developed for older children with tweaks to make it more approachable for younger kids.
For more, check out the video below.