Former Googler Peter Magnusson leaves Snapchat after six months

After six months on the job at Snapchat, Peter Magnusson has apparently left his gig as the company’s VP of engineering, according to his LinkedIn page.
The departure, first noted by TechCrunch, is interesting for a couple of reasons. Magnusson raised eyebrows in February when Snapchat lured him away from Google(s goog), where he spent roughly three-and-half years as an engineering director who helped develop the Google App Engine.
When Snapchat co-founder Bobby Murphy supposedly told the Wall Street Journal that Magnusson would help Snapchat build some technology infrastructure in-house, Magnusson issued a clarification that pretty much said the same thing, although in a way that seemed less drastic and less of a challenge to his former Google colleagues.
The brouhaha highlighted the fact that Google — as well as the other big cloud providers — don’t like any talk about customers building out their own data centers as opposed to keeping everything in the public cloud.
Of course, with Dropbox now reportedly building out its own data centers, Google, Amazon(s amzn) and Microsoft(s msft) have got to be a little bit concerned that there’s some sort of trend going on involving companies going in-house.
It will be interesting to follow Snapchat’s next move and to see if and how the company presses on with its data center plans. And also see where Magnusson crops up again.
A Snapchat spokesperson said the company doesn’t comment on employee departures. I’ve reached out to Magnusson and will update if I hear back.