Tableau hits $90M in revenue, 82 percent growth in second quarter

Tableau Software had another notable few months, finishing the second quarter with $90.7 million in revenue — an 82 percent increase over the same period last year. The company had an operating loss of $4.1 million, but still beat Wall Street expectations thanks to higher than expected revenue.
As we have noted regularly since Tableau went public last May, the company is the face of next-generation data analysis, and its growing revenues suggest it’s only going to become more important. They’re tied directly to a growing customer count that increased by 2,200 in the second quarter and 157 $100,000-plus deals in the second quarter.
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Despite its growth and name recognition, though, Tableau has occasionally been dinged as not being fully featured enough for some use cases, not scaling enough for others and even for not being simple enough for some users. However, Tableau vice president and R&D head Jock Mackinlay told Gigaom recently that the company has stepped up its research investment and is looking at numerous ways to grow the product along with user demands and data volumes.
On the simplicity front, he noted, “We can make our existing products easy to use. We can also make new products that are easy to use — perhaps radically easier than our existing products.”