It’s official: Beats is now part of Apple

Apple (S AAPL) officially closed the acquisition of Beats Audio and its Beats Music subsidiary Friday, which cost the company $3 billion. $404 million of that money went to Vivendi, whose Universal Music record label had owned a 13 percent stake in Beats. Apple and Beats announced the closing of the deal on their websites, with Apple turning part of its website black and Beats switching to an Apple-like white layout.
One immediate consequence of the deal is that Beats customers are now being rerouted to Apple’s online store to buy Beats headphones, speakers and accessories. This seems to be part of streamlining the two companies’ operations, which will also lead to some layoffs in the coming months. Apple has reportedly given almost every Beats employee a job offer, but some of these positions are for a limited period of time, with Billboard reporting that a large number of Beats employees were being told that their positions could potentially be eliminated in the next few months.