Metal-edged Samsung Galaxy Alpha pic leaks, looking a lot like (you guessed it) an iPhone

In case you hadn’t considered it yet, adding a metal edge to a Samsung Galaxy device makes it look a bit more like Apple’s(s aapl) iPhone 5s. And if that’s hard to imagine, don’t stress out your brain early in the week: Leaked pictures of the purported Galaxy Alpha handset show you what Samsung’s next phone may look like. Images were posted on China’s Weibo site on Sunday and noticed by G for Games.
Galaxy Alpha right
Samsung has long been rumored to have a metal-edged phone in the works as a way to offset complaints that its high-end plastic phones feel cheap. Just last week, during a disappointing quarterly earnings call, Samsung’s mobile SVP Kim Hyun-joon said the company would launch a new handset with “new materials” before year’s end. That gives the leaked images some basis in reality, although this may not be the final design for the purported Galaxy Alpha phone.
Apple fans will quickly notice the chamfered edges in the pictures — a technique that Apple has used on both its iPhones and iPads. The design’s not totally unique to Apple — there are other mobile devices that have chamfered edges — but it’s currently pretty synonymous with Apple devices. I expect that will change later this year with a new iPhone that takes design cues from the more rounded iPod touch.
Galaxy Alpha front off
Those who prefer Samsung may like the new metal-edged phone as pictured. And it may quell some complaints of plastic construction materials on a phone that starts at $600. Personally, I’m not a fan of sharp edges on a phone, regardless of who makes it. I don’t like them on my iPhone 5s, for example, perhaps because I have small hands. I use a case to soften those edges and I suspect many will do the same if Samsung takes a similar approach.
That makes me wonder: Why bother creating a metal-sided phone with detailed edges, only to have people cover them up?