Motorola exec confirms: Moto X to get Android L software update

Good news for folks (like me) who bought a Moto X handset: Android Central notes the phone will be upgraded to Android L after Google(s goog) releases the next major software version. Android L is currently available in a developer preview for Nexus 5 and 7 devices, and is expected to debut publicly later this year.
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Motorola previously said its budget Moto E handset would get the next major Android upgrade but hasn’t clarified its position on the Moto G and X phones. Confirmation of Android L for the Moto X came from Motorola’s Punit Soni on Google+, responding to the question about Android L for the Moto X with a simple “Yup” statement.
Given that the budget Moto E and its relatively lowly specs are getting Android L, surely the more powerful Moto X is capable of running Google’s newest Android software. Look at the long history of Android updates for phones, however, and you’ll see plenty of examples where “capable” devices were left out in the cold due to various handset maker or carrier decisions. Motorola has been a leader when it comes to Android updates, though.
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Thanks to the largely stock Android user interface on its phones, along with useful custom apps that are available in the Google Play Store, Motorola devices upgrade paths are a little easier to tread: The company can push software updates more quickly than some competitors.
That’s one of the main reasons I still use a Moto X as my primary Android phone, in fact: Yes, there are phones with better processors, cameras or screens, but this phone meets my needs now, and with expected software updates and Motorola’s history of making them available more quickly than most, it will probably meet my needs for a while to come. I won’t lie, though: I’m still intrigued by the purported Moto X+1, a successor to my Moto X.