PayPal partner MyCheck brings its restaurant bill payment app to SF and Austin

Last year PayPal(s ebay) launched a new feature in its mobile app that lets restaurant diners view and pay their bills while sitting at their tables. Unfortunately, the feature was limited to a hundred or so restaurants in New York City. At the time, the startup that powered those pay-at-the-table transactions, Israel’s MyCheck, had just started its expansion into the U.S.
But MyCheck has begun branching out of the Big Apple into other U.S. markets, starting with the Bay Area and Austin. PayPal app users or customers who have downloaded MyCheck’s own payment app will now start seeing venues like 25 Lusk in San Francisco, the Old Port Lobster House in San Jose and Gourdough’s Public House in Austin pop up as check-in options. MyCheck said it has also started signing up some merchant customers in Washington, D.C.; Omaha, Nebraska; New Jersey and Florida.
Once a diner checks into the restaurant, he or she can see a detailed tally of orders, calculate a tip, split the final check among a group and finally pay for the meal either through PayPal or with credit card info on file. MyCheck’s technology integrates with about 25 different retail point-of-sale systems, and it’s used by about 3,000 merchants globally, not all of them restaurants.
My Check has a lot of U.S. competition, including TabbedOut and Dash, but it does have a big benefactor in PayPal if the peer-to-peer payments giant can successfully build up its mobile wallet business. PayPal is also using MyCheck’s technology in the U.K., where the company has made more inroads, including with chain restaurants like Prezzo.