BlackBerry Passport hands-on video: Big and square with a great keyboard

We’re still two weeks out from September, the month when BlackBerry is expected to introduce its new handset called the Passport. Clearly, the company is nearly ready to get the phone in consumers’ hands: Carphone Warehouse in the U.K. has a working Passport and made the following brief video overview.

[youtube=] stumbled across the video on Thursday and shared it with its faithful [company]BlackBerry[/company] readers. The video garnered a fair amount of interest given the 238 comments at time of writing.

While I’m not interested in switching to yet another mobile operating system, I have to give BlackBerry credit for thinking outside the box on this phone. With its square high-resolution screen and wide keyboard, it’s a quirky type of different. But it may work for those who want or need BlackBerry in their home life or office. The keyboard looks conform tablet to type on and it works as a touchpad of sorts for scrolling, which is pretty innovative.