Consumer-focused IDrive sets sights on enterprise backup market

[company]Idrive[/company], which has thus far offered online backup to consumers — and engaged in the nutty price wars in that arena — is now launching a business-focused data center backup service.

Idrive DataCenter supports the popular Ubuntu and [company]Red Hat [/company]Linux servers but promises that its Web-based user interface will make set-up and scheduling easy for non-techies who don’t want to mess with command lines. Those users will be able to do interactive backups as needed or set up automated backups using a scheduler.  The product supports 256-bit AES encryption and offers optional private keys as well.

IDrive‘s business plans start at $99.50 per year for 250GB of space and range up to $2999.50 per year for 12.5 TB.

Cloud storage - genericAs it enters this realm, the Calabasas, Calif-based company must contend with a different set of competitors. In consumer backup it competes with the likes of [company]Carbonite[/company] and other products that are often preloaded with new PCs; here it will square off against players including [company]HP[/company], [company]Rackspace[/company], and [company]Dell[/company], which just launched a new backup and recovery suite. Ironically, Dell announced the end of life to its more consumer-focused DataSafe product in June.

It will also have to appeal to a whole new class of buyers — systems admins or other IT pros — as opposed to people buying PCs. I’m not sure but many of those sysadmins may miss the command line, but time will tell.