Firefox gains Chromecast support as partner readies Chromecast competitor called… Matchstick?

Mozilla is getting serious about multiscreen functionality: Firefox for Android just gained Chromecast support, allowing users to cast supported videos straight from the browser to a Chromecast streaming stick (hat tip to Android Police). And work on the Firefox OS-powered Chromecast competitor we revealed earlier this year seems to be continuing as well, with a recent website update suggesting that the device may be called Matchstick.

Mozilla’s developers have been working for some time on bringing casting functionality to Firefox for Android. The nightly builds version of Firefox have been supporting casting to Roku devices for some time, and now, nightly users will also be able to cast to Chromecast streaming sticks. The feature should come to the stable version of Firefox by November, according to the Mozilla mobile roadmap.

Meanwhile, there seems to be some development around the Firefox-OS powered Chromecast competitor that we first wrote about in June. The streaming stick, which is being manufactured by a new hardware startup called Abitcool with help from Mozilla, doesn’t actually have an official name yet. But on Monday, the website began to mention something called “Matchstick,” which may well be the branding for the streaming stick.

An Abitcool spokesperson declined to comment when contacted for this story, but the reveal wouldn’t be the first time that details of the project leaked — I was able to get my hands on a prototype of the device in June and film the following demo:


Speaking of Chromecast: Google VP of Product Management Mario Queiroz will be at our Structure Connect conference in October to talk about the future of Chromecast and multiscreen media. I’ll make sure to get a question about Mozilla’s various efforts in as well.