Smartwatch company Pebble hires webOS UX and design leads

Smartwatch maker¬†Pebble has hired some key members of the original webOS team to work on wearable devices. Itai Vonshak is joining the company as its new head of product and UX, and Liron Damir is being hired as Pebble’s new head of design.

Both are coming from LG, which licensed webOS from HP in early 2013, and they were previously in charge of design and interface for HP’s webOS efforts.¬†They’re joined by another webOS team member: Henry Levak, who also worked on webOS for LG, recently got hired as a Product Manager by Pebble, according to his Linkedin profile.

I briefly chatted with Vonshak Monday morning, who told me that he is excited about joining a company that is open to developers:

“Both webOS and Pebble took the approach of openness, builiding a great consumer product and not locking it down.”

Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky will be speaking at our Structure Connect conference in October, and we’ll make sure to ask him how he is going to put Vonshak’s and Damir’s talent to use.

WebOS was originally developed by Palm as a replacement for its aging Palm OS mobile operating system. The efforts lived on when HP acquired Palm in 2010. However, HP struggled to bring webOS devices to market, and ended up spinning out the webOS unit under the Gram moniker. That eventually became LG’s Silicon Valley Lab, and developed and designedthe company’s first webOS-based smart TV.

This post was updated at 12:16pm with information on an additional hire.