now lets you share your DVR recordings with your cord-cutting friends

Connected DVR maker just launched a new feature that will make it easier for users to share TV shows with their friends and family — and in turn possibly get a few new customers. Owners of’s DVR for cord cutters can now set up guest passes to let others access their DVR recordings over the internet.

Guests are able to stream recorded shows from’s web interface, as well as through the company’s mobile apps and even its Roku app. However, guests aren’t able to tune into live TV or actually schedule any recordings, so guests won’t ever hog any of the DVR’s tuners. founder and CEO Mark Ely told me during an interview Monday that up to five users could access recordings at the same time without any performance issues, provided that a user has enough upload bandwidth capacity available to facilitate those streams. new guest passes. new guest passes. owners can also set up guest passes for users within the same household, which Ely suggested as a way to give kids access to the DVR without giving them the ability to schedule or cancel any recordings. But the main hope for, obviously, is that guest passes help to promote the product in a try-before-you-buy fashion.

Guest passes aren’t the only new feature is rolling out. The startup also just updated its Android app with a more traditional, cable-like grid TV guide in addition to its existing content-based guide. A similar update for the iOS app is on its way, and Ely said that this guide will be coming to the Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps soon, too. Both updates will be available to owners of’s first- and second-generation hardware.

Ely said that is also looking to make some changes to its website, which include the integration of a new video player that won’t depend on Silverlight anymore. And this fall, the company will begin a limited beta test of a cloud DVR feature that first showed off at CES in January.