“Are we there yet?” IT teams share plans and concerns with SaaS

The benefits of SaaS have been limited to isolated pockets within organizations; e.g. operations leveraging IaaS & PaaS to slash costs and improve agility; sales licensing their own CRM systems; or lines of business sidestepping IT by using Dropbox to facilitate easier file sharing.

But the proliferation and sophistication of cloud apps and services cannot be denied, and increasingly businesses of all sizes are looking to leverage their substantial benefits to support their mission critical operations. To explore this further, Exoprise surveyed over 200 business executives and IT managers to better understand current and planned use of cloud-based applications, the drivers behind adoption, and the obstacles that stand in their way.

It turns out, even IT is warming up to SaaS.

Cloud apps and services continue to gain momentum in the enterprise – with both business and IT indicating a major role for SaaS in future IT plans. While departmental SaaS applications like Salesforce are already well established, more company-wide offerings such as Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps, and Dropbox are gaining ground.

The increased uptake of SaaS offerings suggests an increased willingness to let service providers manage the full stack, but obstacles to adoption remain. The two biggest being security concerns and a lack of confidence in app/service performance.

The question for IT teams is how to manage and assure app service levels and data security when they don’t have the same control over cloud-based services that they have over on-premise applications.

See full report: Exoprise Cloud Trends Survey 2014.