Got a data-hungry Framily? Sprint ups new shared plans to 10 lines, 20 GB for $100

Sprint’s new CEO, Marcelo Claure, is hitting the ground running: On Tuesday, Claure and the company announced it would double the limits on shared family plans. The new Sprint Family Share Pack is, according to Claure, “[T]he best value to data-hungry consumers. Period.”

Starting August 22, the Sprint Family Share Pack includes 20 GB of mobile data for use between up to 10 lines with a cost of $100. By comparison, my family is on a similar plan with [company]AT&T[/company]: For $160 a month, we share 10 GB of data. A similar plan on [company]T-Mobile[/company] would cost the same $100 as it would on [company]Sprint[/company] but only for 2.5 GB of data per line.

A limited-time offer for customers switching to Sprint between August 22 and September 30 includes a bonus 2 GB of data per line and Sprint will also include a prepaid Visa card up to $350 to compensate for carrier early termination fees. Clearly, Sprint is looking to stem subscriber losses with the incentives to attract switchers, and it makes an attractive offer on paper.

Sprint’s troubles aren’t with its monthly billing costs, however. The issue is — and has long been — with its network. After trying to lead the way with a WiMAX network in 2008, Sprint’s infrastructure strategy didn’t pan out and it fell behind competitors who bet on LTE networks. Now the no. 3 U.S. carrier is trying to merge multiple frequencies with its Spark Service, some of which are not ideal for indoor coverage.