Where in the world is VMware co-founder Diane Greene? Here are some clues

As 20,000 or so of VM admins, cloud tire kickers and vendors convene at VMworld in San Francisco next week, some will no doubt wonder what, exactly, VMware co-founder Diane Greene is up to these days.

Greene has kept a low profile in the six years since being ousted as VMware CEO by that company’s [company]EMC[/company] overlords. But here are a few more tidbits gathered from various sources around the Valley.

One: It is true, as Gigaom reported a year ago, that Greene is involved in [company]Datrium,[/company] a stealthy company purportedly involved in storage virtualization. But it appears she is an investor, not a hands-on executive.

Two: Greene is spending more of her time on [company]Demeterr[/company] an even shadowier startup with a name that is likely to change. Demeterr, as its sparse web site noted, has offices in Los Altos and San Francisco and is looking to add more Javascript software engineers, application developers, mobile software engineers and UX designers to its current staff of 18. This is the company where former VMware stars Mike Nelson and Bogomil Balkansky are now working, according to sources with knowledge of that effort. The only other detail sources would share is that Demeterr is a SaaS startup. Yup. Pretty vague, I know.


Reached via email for comment, Greene said there is “no story and there is no Demeterr.com” — which is technically true since the web page has been pulled. Thank goodness for screen grabs.

Greene is a director at [company]Google[/company] and [company]Intuit[/company], but has otherwise been quiet about her plans. It did surface that she and her husband (and VMware co-founder) Mendel Rosenblum invested in [company]Cumulus Networks.[/company] but other than that Greene has remained mum on her projects.

There has been nary a public word about either Datrium or Demeterr, but as you know, when no one comments, we’re free to investigate.