Google tests out status page for its whole cloud platform

Google already fields a status page for Google App Engine. And for Google Apps. Now it’s testing out one for its overall Google Cloud Platform.

Clearly marked as experimental, the page still shows Google’s intent (also some glitches with BigQuery and [company]Google[/company] Cloud SQL earlier this week). Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure both sport status pages and all three of these companies are fighting tooth and nail to win business for their respective clouds. A cross-service status page is table stakes for that purpose — although these pages seem to be maintained manually and so are not always up to date.

I’ve reached out to [company]Google[/company] for more information on the status of the status page and will update this report when and if they respond.

In the meantime, expect to see Google roll out more services in the next few months — it’s got some catching up to do compared to [company]Amazon Web Services,[/company] which launched in 2007, and [company]Microsoft[/company] Azure, which debuted in 2010, with AWS-like features added last year.

Google Cloud Status Page

Google Cloud Status Page