Hit the pavement with runScribe for detailed biomechanic data to improve your stride

As a lifelong runner, one of my biggest challenges is staying healthy. Wearing the wrong shoes for my particular type of stride, for example, can result in shin splints, strained muscles or worse. The problem is actually knowing enough about my running form to choose the right shoes, particularly as I get older and my stride changes.


Enter runScribe, a nine-axis sensor that attaches to sneakers to gather data on 13 different running biomechanical metrics.

The small device, featured in an already-funded [company]Kickstarter[/company] project, uses sensor data to measure and track various datapoints including stride rate, contact time of your foot with the ground, impact G’s and the angle your foot pronates, or rolls, while in contact with the ground.

runscribe data

Using that data, in addition to the standard pace and distance information, you can make more informed choices for running sneakers or use the information to try to alter your stride to improve running efficiency.

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The small sensor uploads your running data over Bluetooth with either iOS or Android so you can view your data and it works with a replaceable coin-style battery. You’ll only get around 30 hours of run time on a single battery, however. For $99 you can still back the Kickstarter program and get a runScribe when it arrives later this year; the project team expects to deliver the product this December.