Slice Rides is a trust-based commuting network

Slice Rides is a platform for people to connect and share commuting options, along with social feedback, now in beta.

Basically, Slice Rides will act as a trusted arbiter, and extracts a slice of the fees that cocommuters spend to offset tolls, gas, and wear-and-tear.

I have not been invited into the service yet, so these screenshots are from the app store:

A user can set a destination, and see what alternatives are available.



Here’s a history of trips.


This appears to be a proposed ride, with a fee of $1.


I think that in the era of Uber and Airbnb, sharing a ride to work is an obvious adjacency. I’m not sure that Slice Rides will be the winner in this niche, but I’m certain that this is a winning niche.

In my situation — with no real commute, and living a 10 minute walk to the Metronorth station when I need to go to NYC — I am not a candidate for this service, but the majority of commuters drive to work, and carpooling makes real sense, but is hard to coordinate.

I am also interested in the social feedback aspect of this application, and I will write another piece once I get access to the service.