Tiny Pitch might be a great idea: we’ll just have to see

I read a lot of press releases. Many of them are of zero interest to me.

Back in 2008 I proposed the Twitpitch as a way to minimize reading bad press releases and PR people trying to set up meetings for the Web 2.0 Expo which was looming in the then-future. The twitpitch idea was that marketers should trim down their wordage to fit in a tweet (allowing the escape hatch of a single URL to some supporting material).

It didn’t catch on, alas, although it lead to a flurry of tweets.

I am still hoping for some magical advance that will make PR better to read, so when I read about Tiny Pitch I immediately decided to write about it so that people pitching me for stories would hear about it, and maybe start using it.

Basically, you send in your headline, body text, and profile info, alongs with attachments. They format into a small app-like wrapper that runs in the browser, and looks good on all devices.



Press releases should be better, and Tiny Pitch is a good idea, although obviously unfinished. The tool should allow for layout tinkering for the marketeer, stats on who has read what, and the whole give-and-take about embargoes, which seems to have been completely missed.

And on the other side, shouldn’t there be a way for me — as a journalist/analyst — to register as a recipient of press releases? I’d like to build a profile based on tags and the history of press releases I have liked, read, and written about, so that the right press releases find their way to me and the wrong ones would be filtered out. I’d like to know what press releases my friends are reading, too.

So, I am going to keep my eyes on Tiny Pitch, because I want to see that tool arise, and maybe they’ll be the ones to do it.