For $33 you can own India’s first Firefox OS phone

Mozilla continues to push its web-based Firefox OS phone with the first model in India available this week. Intex Technologies is selling the handset, dubbed the Cloud FX, for 1,999 rupees ($33.03 US) through

The relatively low cost means relatively low-grade hardware, of course.

Cloud FX handset

The Cloud FX is powered by a 1 GHz chip and comes with a meager 128 MB of memory and 256 MB of internal storage, although the latter can be expanded up to 4 GB. The phone supports a dual-SIM configuration and has both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radios. Don’t expect speedy mobile broadband though: This handset uses 2G networks to connect to the web. Buyers will also be limited by the display, which is a 3.5-inch screen with 320 x 480 resolution. Images are captured with a 2 megapixel camera.

In reality though, you shouldn’t need a high-powered phone to run a web-based platform.

You won’t be pushing graphic-intensive games or other power-hungry native applications on a [company]Mozilla[/company] Firefox OS phone, so the specs may be enough for a capable experience. Even so, there are plenty of low-cost [company]Google[/company] Android devices on the market that for a little more investment will add the native app experience. That’s going to be a challenge for Mozilla’s phone effort, regardless of the market it targets.