LG set to take on the Moto 360 with round watch of its own

Next week will likely see not one but two round Android Wear smartwatches introduced. We’ve long known about one, the Moto 360, which should go on sale for $249 after a September 4 Motorola press event. We didn’t know about the other but the official LG’s Mobile Global YouTube channel is showing off the other. Expect the company to unveil the LG G Watch R at next week’s IFA event in Berlin.

Engadget actually caught sight of the video on Sunday before LG publicly released it. The video is now viewable for all to see, however.


The teaser video focuses mainly on the watch’s round design, which up to now has generally been unique. One of the main differences between Motorola’s [company]Google[/company] Android Wear watch and the [company]Samsung[/company] Gear Live as well as LG’s own initial G Watch is the circular face. Google designed the Android Wear software to work with either square or round displays.

It’s difficult to tell from the video but the G Watch R — I assume the R stands for “round” — will have a full circular display, which could slightly differentiate it from the Moto 360. Motorola’s watch does have a round screen but a small slice of the bottom is actually used for the display cabling so the screen will not show completely round images. LG’s G Watch R appears at this point to overcome that design challenge.

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It may seem odd that [company]LG[/company] is already planning its second Android Wear watch when the first model only went on sale this past June for $229. But LG was actually the primary hardware maker that worked directly with Google as the search company created Android Wear software. So while it seems like this new watch is coming just two to three months after the prior version, it’s likely that LG’s first watch is far older; at least internally.