Where to watch the U.S. Open 2014 live online

Tennis fans are looking to New York this week, where the top stars of the sport will face off against each other in the U.S. Open, the fourth and final major tennis championship of the year. And like every year, most of the matches are going to happen when most of us have to sit in the office. But luckily, the tournament gets once again streamed online, available to watch without a TV, and even without paying for cable.

Here’s how to tune in:

The U.S. Open website will stream all U.S. Open matches for free, without the need to verify that you’re a cable subscriber. You can find a schedule of all the matches on the U.S. Open website as well.

iPad and iPhone users will have access to select matches through the official U.S. Open iPhone app as well as the U.S. Open iPad app: The mobile app will carry live streams of all of the matches during Labor Day weekend (8-30 – 9/1) and the Finals weekend (9/5 – 9/8).

Android users can access live streams during Labor Day weekend (8-30 – 9/1) and the Finals weekend (9/5 – 9/8) through the U.S. Open Android app.

ESPN will also stream 400 hours of the tournament through its WatchESPN service, which is available on the web as well as on mobile devices, Roku boxes, Fire TV, Chromecast, Xbox One and Xbox 360 as well as Apple TV. (Check here for links to apps on all platforms.) Some live streams are limited to subscribers of pay TV services, while others can be accessed by subscribers of most major ISPs. For detailed instructions, check the WatchESPN website.

And while you’re watching, make sure to pay attention to those ball boys as well — they’re wearing connected shirts this year.

We’ll update this post with additional links as the tournament unfolds.