Google buys Zync and its rendering tools for its Google Cloud Platform service

Google is buying Zync and its popular Zync Render tool, and plans to make it part of the Google Cloud Platform lineup. The news was posted on the Google Cloud Platform blog. Terms were not disclosed.

Movie makers use tools like Zync Render or Render Rocket to add special effects or enhancements to their work after it’s shot. For example, as Gigaom reported last year, [company]ZeroFX,[/company] a production shop working on American Hustle, used [company]Zync[/company] Render to add timely touches to the movie, which was shot in the here and now but had to look like New York, Boston and New Jersey as they were several decades ago.

For that movie, Zero VFX used Zync to render images and Shotgun Software to manage workflow, but much of the backend number crunching and storage was done on [company]Amazon Web Services[/company]. It’s pretty clear that Google would like more of those types of workloads to come to Google Compute Cloud in the near future.

Zync Render is offered as a service from the AWS Marketplace. It’s not crystal clear whether that AWS-Zync relationship will end completely but that’s a pretty good guess based on the competitive dynamics between Google and Amazon and what’s posted on the Zync website which said: “Our service will be back and better than ever on Google Cloud Platform.”

In May, Google bought Stackdriver, a small Boston-based web service monitoring company that was aligned with AWS. Stackdriver still supports customers using AWS

One thing that is clear is that [company]Google[/company] — as well as [company]Microsoft[/company] and [company]Amazon[/company] — see digital media creation and management companies as a key vertical industry for public cloud infrastructure and want to grab as much of that work as possible.

Earlier this year Google bought Stackdriver, a web service monitoring company that was closely aligned with AWS. [company]Stackdriver[/company] still supports AWS


Screeners of "American Hustle" for PGA members (top) and SAG members (bottom), provided by a member of both guilds.

Screeners of “American Hustle” for PGA members (top) and SAG members (bottom), provided by a member of both guilds.