Fleep collaboration tool comes out of beta, gets premium option

Fleep, an asynchronous messaging tool for teams that was unveiled a year ago by Skype veterans, has come out of beta.

The Estonia-based service is now freemium in nature – it has a fully-featured free version that places a 30-day limit on accessing messages and files, and a paid premium version that removes that limit.

Fleep is also launching integrations with the Jira project management and bug-tracking tool, as well as with GitHub. It has a set of resources – including an API and webhooks – so users can create their own integrations.

According to CEO Henn Ruukel, premium subscribers will eventually also get administrative features, beginning with a “team management” for adding or removing participants across multiple conversations – handy for when people join or leave a team.

“The next one would be ‘Administrated conversation,’ where only the administrator can change membership and remove users together with deleting conversation history for them,” Ruukel told me by email. He said those features “become relevant when your team grows and you need tools to easily manage access to messages and files.”

Fleep will offer premium subscription discounts on request for teams of more than 20 users, and those who participated in the beta will also get discounts.

There are of course many, many competitors in this space, such as HipChat and the rather trendy and integration-friendly Slack. As was the case a year ago, Ruukel reckons Fleep’s main differentiator is the ease with which people outside the team can be included in team conversations.

“With the majority of the competition, it’s built to be used internally within the team,” he said. “Fleep is an open network for collaboration, where you can include anyone you know by their email address… When you create the account in Fleep you can bring in someone with full rights.”