Pandora lands on Google Glass

Pandora launched its personalized radio service on Google Glass Wednesday with a dedicated Glassware app that makes use of bone conduction to let users listen to their favorite tunes without the need for a headphone.

Alternatively, Glass owners or Explorers, as Google likes to call them, can also use the Glass earbud or stereo USB earbuds that are available as a Glass accessory. Users can also listen to their existing stations and even create new ones with voice commands, as well as give songs the thumbs-up or thumbs-down with the Glass touchpad.

The [company]Pandora[/company] Glassware app was the result of a company-internal hackathon, and represents the company’s second experiment with wearables after launching a dedicated Pebble app earlier this year.

Pandora CTO Chris Martin told me during a recent conversation that it’s still early days for Pandora on wearables; I’ll make sure to quiz him about the potential for these kinds of implementations when we have him on stage at our Structure Connect conference in San Francisco in October.