Netflix confirms: The Blacklist will debut on the streaming service on 9/7

Now we know how Netflix is going to put the cash from its recent price increase to use: The streaming service just acquired the rights to the popular Sony Pictures-produced NBC drama The Blacklist.

The deal cost [company]Netflix[/company] a whopping $2 million per episode, according to Deadline Hollywood, which would make The Blacklist Netflix’s most expensive deal for a network show to date. A Netflix spokesperson confirmed that the first season will debut on Netflix on 9/7, but declined to comment on the size of the deal.

Netflix raised its monthly subscription fees for new customers to $9 a month in May, but gave existing members a two-year grace period, during which they’ll continue to pay $8 a month. Netflix’s most recent quarterly report showed that the price increase didn’t have any material impact on subscriber growth, but the extra buck per month could help the service to keep up with rising content costs.

Netflix’s previous highest-priced deal for a drama that previously aired on TV was the acquisition of The Walking Dead, for which the service paid $1.35 million per episode, according to Deadline.