The race for your files continues, as Amazon Zocalo comes online

Th cloud giants continued their race to get as much user data in their respective clouds as possible. Last week, for example:

All of this action shows  just how addictive storage can be. Vendors figure if they can get your files into their cloud,  they can sell you all sorts of other, pricier, stuff.

Sooooo …. don’t be storage smart and cloud silly. As Gigaom guest contributor Praveen Asthana pointed out, storage price cuts are widely trumpeted, but the same vendors that are making all that noise are also hiking prices on other services, just without the fanfare.

Big data is coming to you. and that’s a good thing

This week’s Structure Show guest Kalev Leetaru, [company]Yahoo[/company] Fellow in Residence at Georgetown University blew us away with his discussion of the Global Database of Events, Languages, and Tones. The GDELT project ingests hundreds of millions of historical data points from the past 35 years to try to figure out how what’s happening today may be mirroring similar events in the past. But more broadly, he talks about how the advent of cloud computing and the availability of big data tools bring all that information to mere mortals, not just ivory tower academicians or government statisticians. This, he says, is a very good thing.

Kalev Leetaru

Kalev Leetaru

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