Announcing Jawbone CEO Hosain Rahman at Structure Connect 2014

We are very excited to announce that Jawbone co-founder and CEO Hosain Rahman is going to join us for Gigaom’s new Structure Connect conference, which will take place in San Francisco on October 21 and 22. You may think of Jawbone as a wearables company, or a manufacturer of Bluetooth speakers — but it’s also a company that encompasses the evolution of connectivity and connectedness, from mobile communication to music, health and beyond.

At Structure Connect, you will also get to hear from speakers like Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky, SmartThings CEO Alex Hawkinson, Ringly CEO Christina Mercando, IFTTT CEO Linden Tibbets, Pandora CTO Chris Martin and many others.


The theme of our inaugural Structure Connect conference is Building the Internet of Things, which goes from connecting light bulbs to living rooms to enterprises and entire cities. It’s about the technology that will connect our houses and workplaces, as well as the business models and security frameworks necessary to make this new world work for consumers and companies alike.

Please join us at Structure Connect, where you will have the chance to hear from and meet industry leaders as well as inventors working on the next big thing. To take advantage of our limited earlybird price, get your tickets now.