Dish’s internet TV service likely to be called Nutv

Dish’s internet TV service, which the company plans to launch before the end of the year, is likely going to be called Nutv. Dish Digital, the satellite operator’s online business subsidiary that is going to be in charge of the new service, has filed a number of trademarks for the brand, including one with a logo that could be used at launch.

The Nutv brand has also surfaced in conjunction with one of [company]Dish[/company] Digital’s existing apps, suggesting that the app may be used for the new service as well. Dish plans to launch the service with a smaller bundle of  TV networks, and has so far been able to sign deals with [company]A+E Networks[/company] as well as [company]Disney[/company]. A Dish executive recently said that the company plans to target “cord cutters, cord nevers and… cord haters” with the service.

Dish Digital first filed a trademark for a service dubbed Nütv in early 2013 (hat tip to Multichannel News), but ended up abandoning the mark in favor of the umlaut-free Nutv trademark. As a side note, loyal Gigaom readers will remember that we once used a similar brand, albeit with a very different spelling, to chronicle the emerging online video space.

A filing from earlier this year, which recently got published for opposition by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, includes the following description of the service:

“Broadcasting, webcasting, streaming, and transmission of audio, video, subscription television, and video-on-demand content via the internet and electronic communications networks; television broadcasting to mobile devices, namely mobile phones, smartphones, laptops, and tablet computers”

The logo included in the application actually features some resemblance to the current Dish logo, with both visualizing the flow of information: Dish’s logo shows how TV signals are beamed down from a satellite. In the Nutv logo, signals are traveling horizontally, presumably through the internet.

The old Dish logo and the new Nutv logo have something in common.

The old Dish logo and the new Nutv logo have something in common.

Of course, Dish could decide to go with another brand when it launches the service in a few months, with one possibility being MoveTV — a trademark that the company inherited through the Move Networks acquisition. However, there are signs that Nutv is already being used internally. Case in point: The Android app for DishWorld, the company’s existing online video subscription service for international and foreign-language TV networks, already uses Nutv as its app ID on Google’s Play store.

That’s significant in part because Dish executives have said in the past that the new internet service will make use of existing infrastructure at launch, and DishWorld has long been a kind of test bed for future online services. DishWorld’s service has already seen a number of updates over the past few months, including new beta apps for iOS and Roku that are currently being tested by a number of users. Expect at least some of these apps to resurface with the branding and channel line-up of the new TV service when it launches later this year.