LogMeIn’s Click2Fix revolutionizes mobile device support

Click2Fix, LogMeIn Rescue’s new interface for supporting mobile devices, helps agents quickly identify problems, click a fix for fast resolution, and escalate sessions if necessary.  For simplicity and ease of use, agents get all the information they need at a glance.

“LogMeIn Rescue is often the tool of choice for technical support teams at many of the world’s biggest mobile operators and OEMs, and has become a valued solution for boosting key customer satisfaction metrics, like NPS,” said LogMeIn’s Director of Products, Peter Zeinoun.

Rescue offers remote control support for 4 out of the 5 top mobile manufacturers, and is the only solution that delivers remote control of HTC, Sony and Motorola mobile devices.

Click2Fix’s one-click fixes, available in LogMeIn’s fully functional free trial of Rescue, include:

  • Remote control/remote view – see the user’s device and use whiteboard, laser pointer, screen capture/recording and more
  • Alert bar – shows notifications of battery, firmware and application issues
  • Quick Nav – shortcuts to common setting screens
  • Pre-defined APN push – allows preset APN for one-click push to the device
  • Battery optimization – quick push of several settings known to improve battery life
  • Radio toggles – see existing connections and turn Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS on or off
  • Web shortcuts – push an icon to an Android or Blackberry to launch a pre-set URL
  • URL push – send any URL to a device, includes recent URL memory

To try LogMeIn Rescue’s Click2Fix interface, start a free trial today!