The power of Instagram’s Hyperlapse, in one clever video

A professional timelapse photographer put aside his fancy tools this weekend and relied on just his iPhone. With Instagram’s new timelapse app Hyperlapse, Nathan Kaso shot a two minute video of a bike ride around Melbourne. Over the course of the clip, the viewer gets a fascinating glimpse into city life in Australia. Through Kaso’s eyes, we see sidewalks along the oceanfront, soccer teams on expansive fields, sunny skateparks and firepits, courthouses, statues, landmarks and theme parks.

It’s the kind of video that would have been boring if it appeared at a normal pace, and nauseating if it didn’t have Hyperlapse’s stabilization technology. But with time sped up, as a new type of filter, the visual story changes. The content becomes easily digestible and addictive to watch.

Although Hyperlapse may not take off with the masses, I suspect we’ll see some powerful videos coming from the app. It inscribes a certain poetic emotion to routine life. Imagine viewing protests in Ferguson, a hike up Half Dome, or a tour of a music festival through the Hyperlapse lens. Since it condenses time, it allows people to see far more activity then they might otherwise have patience for.

[vimeo 104788899 w=589 h=331]