There’s now a virtual reality headset designed specifically for an LG mobile phone

All signs (and copious leaks) point to Samsung revealing a Note 4-compatible virtual reality headset tomorrow. It won’t be the only mobile company that can offer a virtual reality device as an accessory: Today, a previously unknown virtual reality company began selling a headset made for the LG G3, and it has some established partners to back it.

Vortex, which is offering the VRTX 1 virtual reality headset on its website for $100, is producing the device with the help of virtual reality hardware and software company GameFace Labs. It’s also working with 3D Systems, which 3D printed the prototype headsets.

Vortex has not posted any videos or pictures of the VRTX 1 in action; the site is only populated with renderings of the side and front of the device. But Vortex likely chose the LG G3 because of its super high-definition, 2560 x 1440 resolution screen. The company also left the phone’s camera uncovered, which means it will likely be useful for augmented reality as well as virtual.

The Vortex VRTX 1 virtual reality headset. Photo courtesy of Vortex.

The Vortex VRTX 1 virtual reality headset. Photo courtesy of Vortex.

There aren’t many details about Vortex available. It was incorporated at the end of July and didn’t have a web presence until mid-August. We do know that it’s based in Hollywood at Raleigh Studios. The only employee listed on LinkedIn is chairman and co-founder David Haines, who is also chairman and executive director of the non-profit Best Practices Laboratory for Entertainment Technology at Raleigh Studios.

It’s also unclear what type of content will be available for the VRTX 1. Google developers are busy creating content for Cardboard and other Android virtual reality devices, so it’s possible that very soon there will be plenty of choices. The G3 is an Android phone, so anything that works on Cardboard should work in the VRTX 1 too.