Cord Cutters: 4SeTV lets you watch four live TV channels at once

Ever wanted to follow a sports game while also watching news or your favorite show? With 4SeTV’s four-in-one networked TV tuner, you can. Check out this interview and demo for a first look:


Show notes for this episode:

  • 4SeTv is based on a four-tuner networked TV tuner similar to the ones used by and Tablo. More information about the hardware and its features can be found on the 4SeTV website.
  • 4SeTV is currently running a Kickstarter campaign, offering pre-order devices for as little as $99

Is this kind of picture-in-picture experience compelling to you? Or would you rather just watch one thing at a time? Share your thoughts in the comments below or check out the Google+ Cord Cutters community.