Misfit launches a development kit that gives other companies access to its sensor algorithms

Misfit, a company best known for making the Shine fitness tracker, has been in the process of transitioning to a company that sells its sleep and activity tracking algorithms in addition to tasteful hardware. On Thursday, it took that process one step farther and announced the Misfit Developer Toolkit, which will allow interested developers and companies to incorporate Misfit’s activity tracking capabilities into their own applications.

There will be three elements to the Misfit toolkit. There will be a cloud storage API, which will provide the hooks needed to sync Misfit data between devices and third party applications. There’s also a Device SDK, which gives app makers the tools they need to interact with Misfit hardware. But perhaps the most interesting part of the new developer toolkit is the “Misfit Scientific Library,” which will give both hardware and software makers access to Misfit’s proprietary sensor algorithms.

In addition to RunKeeper and MapMyFitness, which were previously announced Misfit partners, there are a few other big companies that will be taking advantage of possibilities afforded by the new SDK. Yesterday, Misfit announced a partnership with IFTTT that allows users to automate tracking with the Shine, such as automatically logging sleep into a Google spreadsheet.

While [company]Misfit[/company] designed and distributed the Shine, other more recent Misfit-branded hardware, like the Beddit Sleep System, merely integrates with and takes advantage of Misfit’s sleep tracking algorithms. Another example: Even though the Shine can be worn on the wrist, Misfit went ahead and released an app for the Pebble that tracks activity without the Shine. An SDK is a big step on this road for Misfit, which is angling to be the software glue that connects various different wearable products, even if Misfit’s not making them itself.

You can download the Misfit developer’s kit here. If you’re interested in hearing more about the design of Misfit’s Shine device, come check out our experience design conference Roadmap, where the Shine’s designer, Mladen Barbaric, will be speaking.