New open-source file browser promises to locate docs scattered across clouds

If your company has files sitting in Dropbox, Box, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive and other repositories, welcome to the club! Oh, and you might want to take a look at technology just open-sourced by Cloud Elements.

This freebie promises to enable workers to search across lots of these data repositories, without leaving their applications — provided, of course, they’re also using [company]Cloud Elements'[/company] API hub as well.

The browser incorporates Apache Lucene and Elasticsearch to furnish the search goodies here, said Mark Geene, Cloud Elements CEO and co-founder.

Cloud Elements is one of a flock of new companies like Zapier and Azuqua, seeking to provide easy API access to an array of services, although unlike those two startups it’s focused on document repositories not a wide array of web applications.  It also competes with more traditional enterprise service bus or ESB companies such as [company]MuleSoft[/company], [company]Boomi[/company] (now owned by Dell) and CastIron, now part of [company]IBM[/company].

Given how popular Dropbox’s consumer-oriented storage has become — many employees use it with or without corporate sanction — a tool that offers a unified view and search into all repositories would be a plus if it works as advertised. Of course, it’s also a way to encourage more companies to use Cloud Elements’ hub and pay for the use of its API and associated services. Cloud Elements screen