A closer look at how the Apple Watch works (Video)

Apple offered a sneak peek on Tuesday at the next device family it will sell in early 2015: The Apple Watch. From afar, the demos and images looks impressive, with a completely new interface; Tim Cook said that Apple didn’t just shrink down the iOS phone screen.

So how does it look and work? Quite nicely thanks to a few supporting hardware bits, like the click-wheel that [company]Apple[/company] likes to call the digital crown, and advanced haptic feedback. Although Apple wouldn’t let me wear the new watch, I was able to film this video that shows off some of the main functions as well as the new interface.


While the Apple Watch looks like it’s made to wear solely on the left wrist, SlashGear reports that you can flip the watch orientation for the right wrist. Crisis for the lefties averted!

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