There’s a new Amazon Prime Instant Video app for Android, but it’s not on Google Play

It’s finally possible to watch Amazon’s Prime streaming video library on an Android phone. Up until now there has been an iOS app, as well as an app for Google TV, but until today there wasn’t an officially supported app for the world’s largest mobile platform.

On Tuesday, [company]Amazon[/company] released Prime Instant Video for Android. However, there’s a catch — if you’d like to download it, you’ll first have to install the Amazon app or the Amazon Appstore on your device, because the new Prime streaming app isn’t on [company]Google[/company] Play.

The new streaming app comes as Amazon has updated its main Amazon Android app to version 5.0, which adds several significant new features, including the ability to browse video content, purchase Kindle ebooks, and download apps.

To get the Prime Instant Video app, the easiest thing to do is to browse to a video you’d like to watch inside the Amazon app, and then you’ll be prompted to download Prime Instant Video. You can also find the listing here. The main Amazon app can has the newfound ability to install apps on your Android device — largely taking over the main function of the Amazon Appstore service.

The Prime Instant Video app isn’t perfect — there’s no Chromecast support yet, and some devices might not be able to install the app yet. There have been reports that tablets like the Nexus 10 are having issues installing the app, but other users have been able to stream Amazon video on their Nexus 10.

There’s a lot of great content in the Amazon Prime streaming library, and Android users who like to watch video on their phone — and also have an Amazon Prime subscription — should download the new app, even if Amazon may be using it as a trojan horse to get its new-look Amazon app on to more Android devices.

This article has been updated to clarify Amazon Prime Instant Video device compatibility.