Apple’s live stream stumbles, fails amid huge demand

Countless Apple fans overloaded the live stream from the company’s Apple Watch and iPhone 6 keynote Tuesday, leading to frequent outages: The stream switched to a test page, lost audio and stuttered, and the entire site even went down completely at times.

apple live stream access denied

Things already were off to a bad start during the first thirty minutes before the beginning of the keynote, when the live music coming from the event location was mixed with random muzak, leading to some snippy remarks on Twitter:

As the event started to unfold, with Tim Cook walking on stage, the stream switched to a test image:

apple special event schedule

And when the stream finally caught up with the event, users got to hear a Chinese simulcast translation for the first 30 minutes, leading to more jokes on Twitter:

At some point, people began to wonder: Whose fault is this debacle?

All joking aside, there will likely be lots of finger-pointing in the aftermath to this live stream. I have contacted both Apple, as well as the company’s CDN provider Akamai, and will update this post as soon as I hear back from them.

Apple event ticker