Where the cloud lives matters (webinar)

Cloud computing may be the most disruptive technology of this generation. It introduced a new computing paradigm that makes processing, storage, and networks more accessible, scalable, and flexible than ever before.

Most of the technical discussion around cloud computing has been about virtualization, automation, security, orchestration, and provisioning. What has been largely overlooked in this discussion is the importance of data centers to cloud computing.

According to RagingWire’s CTO, Bill Dougherty, “The best cloud in the world is useless if customers can’t rely on it. With all the focus on cloud virtualization, we have lost sight of the physical reality of the cloud. The cloud lives in a data center, and where the cloud lives matters. To power the clouds of the future, data centers must deliver 100% availability, high-density power and cooling, full security, massive low-latency telecommunications, and efficient and reliable operations.”

To learn more about the critical relationship between cloud computing and data centers, you can watch this webinar called “Cloud + Data Centers: The IT Platform for Internet Applications and Businesses.” The webinar is hosted by Larry Cornett, Ph.D. of Gigaom Research, and features Bill Dougherty and cloud computing experts David Linthicum and Rich Morrow.