Interesting: Former Red Hat CTO moves on to Google Cloud

When Brian Stevens left Red Hat a few weeks ago, there was no shortage of speculation about his destination. One thing was certain, he’d end up somewhere interesting and indeed he has.  If his LinkedIn page and Twitter profiles are is accurate, he is now VP of Cloud Platforms at Google. ZDnet has more here.

This is interesting for a number of reasons. First, Stevens, as CTO of [company]Red Hat[/company], was a great advocate for open-source cloud in general and OpenStack in particular. And Google, which bases a bunch of its internal IP on open source technology but has been criticized in the past for not contributing back on par with other vendors, has a complicated relationship with open source.

brian stevens

Second, while no one doubts that [company]Google[/company] knows scale, in fact massive scale, it is sometimes unclear if it’s pushing its cloud to enterprises. Coming from Red Hat, home of Enterprise Linux, Stevens gives it cred in the corporate suite.

And, as Google ramps up its big cloud effort, it is in need of a more high-profile execs to tout that vision. Urs Hölzle can’t do it all. Stevens fits the bill nicely. For more from Stevens on open source and cloud, check out his talk at Structure 2014 in the video below.